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Real Estate Title Searches

This involves carrying out extensive searches on various properties located in the tri-island State of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. A search of this nature allows you to know whether there are any alienation or encumbrances/liens on the title that is being investigated

Probate Searches

This involves carrying out searches in the estates of deceased persons; those who died testate and intestate, respectively.

Business Searches

This involves searching the Indices at the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office of Grenada for the registration of various businesses, companies and trademarks.

Corporate Business Registration

As the name suggests, this involves registration of new businesses.

Title Search Training

This involves assisting Law firms’ clerks and members of the public in conducting title searches at the Deeds and Land Registry of Grenada.

Other Paralegal Services

Office Attendant Support, Case Research, Organizing Filing Systems; Proof Reading Services; Bill of Sale and More.

Other Services Offered

Other Services Offered

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Citizenship Application

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Hameem Kay

We at Afi Ventour & Co. have known Veronica Plenty who is the owner “Info Trac” for approximately two (2) years. She has been our sole search clerk from that period to present.

Ms. Plenty is extremely knowledgeable on the conveyancing system in Grenada and is very experienced in conducting title searches and investigations.  She is also very professional, efficient and thorough in her investigations, as well as her reporting.

We are therefore pleased to recommend Info Trac to anyone who requires title searches, and investigations in the State of Grenada.

Afi Ventour & Co.

The service being offered by Info Trac in the area of registry research and title searches is commendable. Their reports are presented in a concise and professional manner. Info Trac’s CEO Veronica Plenty is a dependable, committed and highly motivated individual!

Ian H. H. Sandy
Partner at Amicus Attorneys
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